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May 30, 2006 • 6:56 pm
subject: Baby Rats in need of good home
mood: excited

I took in a Mama rat and her 10 babies 3 weeks ago.  Now I need to find homes for the babies....  THESE ARE PETS AND NOT FEEDERS.  There will be a 10 dollar adoption fee.  These little ones were born on May 8th, 2006.
Beware very picture heavy.  Sry some arent the clearest, took these with my camera phone because my digital cameras batteries died)

All ten babies are doing great but now we need to find homes for these cutties.  There is 3 females and 7 males but so far at least two of the males are being claimed.  They just turned three weeks old yesturday.  They will be ready to go home on June 12th.  We are currently located in Orlando by UCF.  But both me and my roommate take trips to the Jacksonville area every couple of weekends and we'll actually be in that area on the 9th -11th of June.  Here are the mama and babies: (sorry we couldnt get the babies to sit still long enough to get one big group shot

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May 30, 2006 • 10:19 pm
subject: Mice need help!

Hey, these mice need help :

Probablly some idiot that got a girl and boy mouse and damn...imagine this, they bred! Anyways...she is selling them as feeders if anyone in the Orlando area would want them...I just don't have the room/money for 12 of them nor the cage! But I could maybe see about holding some if people wanted to pick them up and she wouldn't hold them for you!

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May 25, 2006 • 9:00 pm
subject: desperate here!!!!

We have wayyy too many animals. we live in a very small house with four cats and two large dogs. normally it isnt that much of a problem but mom doesn't really like out female kitten. her name is demi and shes about a year old. she has no bad habits and is the sweetest cat ive seen. she takes a while to get used to you but once she odes she just wants to lay in your lap. she is perfectly fine with dogs. even huge spazzy ones. other cats are fine, and she's even good with birds as long as they are in cages. if they fly she will tyr to chase but she wont hurt it. if it's in a cage she wont even pay attention to it. she has the biggest golden eyes ive seen in a cat and her personality is just as big. if you want pics or any more info feel free to email me at


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April 2, 2006 • 12:42 pm
subject: For Adoption: Two loving, playful kitties =)

My mother has recently become medically unable to care for her two cats. She has extremely limited movement and feels she just can't give these two little guys the life they deserve.
This is SammyCollapse )
And this is PowderCollapse )
We would prefer they stay together but we know that sometimes its hard for some one to take in two pets. They are both males, around 2yrs old. Both are fixed and up to date on shots. If anyone has room in thier lives for two loving kitties, please email me at


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January 27, 2006 • 8:00 pm
subject: New Tampa Bay Dog Owners community

tampabaydogsCollapse )

Mods please delete if not appropriate, thank you

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January 26, 2006 • 3:50 pm

Hello. I have some kittens who need a home. Their mother brought them to my house about three months ago, and they were very scared of people. They would hiss and they wouldn't come near me. I have kept them for quite a while to get them accustomed to human contact, and now they are the sweetest little things.I wish I could keep them all, but I already have a cat, and I cannot afford four of them! I am trying to find someone who can take two of them together--that is why I have not taken them to a shelter. I intend to keep the third one, but if someone wants to take all three, I would probably get over my attachment to my kitten so that they can be together. They are three beautiful grey tabby males with hazel-colored eyes. They need to go to the vet as soon as possible, and they are obviously not neutered. I live in Lakeland.
pictures...Collapse )

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December 20, 2005 • 2:07 pm

Hello everyone! *wave* I'm on a hunt for a kitten. I'm not very picky about color or gender or breed, but I'd like a kitten, 2 months or younger (8 weeks is just about right), a spunky little thing that I can spoil rotten. This means I'm not really interested in a full-grown cat!

All my previous cats were rescue adoptions, full-grown, and have long since died of old age. I want to experience the full life of a cat rather than just the elderly years.

I already have toys and a 'box and all the necessities, and plenty of time to spend on that perfect little kitty. I live in an apartment with a 1-pet rule so I wouldn't be able to take more than one, but pet deposit's already paid.

This is a Christmas gift to me! Please help me out? If you or someone you know has kittens around that age for sale, or even for free, know that I'm there looking. I plan to get my kitty on Banfield pet insurance (through and spay/neuter the kitty if it isn't already. Know I'd give him or her a forever home.

I live in the St Pete area just off 275, but I'm willing to drive a bit for the perfect little one.

Thank you! :)

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December 12, 2005 • 5:23 pm

This is Waldo, my male orange Tabby-
Waldo is a crazy cat, he is on the bigger side but very energetic and in shape.
The problem with Waldo is that he wishes to become an outdoor cat (tries to get outside every chance he can), something my apartment complex won't allow. So, I'm looking for a good home for him. Someone who has the ability to have outdoor cats- or if you really want a crazy indoor one. My apartment is way too small to contain Waldo's wild energy. I just want him to be happy, healthy, and loved.

He is almost a year old, I'm guessing 7-8 months. I found him when he was a kitten and treated him with Advantage- got him fixed at 6 months. He has his Rabies shot.

If you are interested, or want more pics/info- feel free to contact me IM/Email

Thanks so much.

Image hosted by

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November 29, 2005 • 4:53 pm

I have URGENT in the subject line because we have two beautiful dogs who have been here for 3 months, and are facing euthanasia. If you want to adopt one of these guys, or know someone who might, please send them to the Humane Society ASAP!

St. Lucie County Humane Society [Link]
100 Savannah Road
Fort Pierce, FL 34982
Phone: 772-461-0687

Please! If you want to come by and see either Scooter or Apollo, call and let them know you're coming by - it'll save them at least one more day!

Scooter and Apollo - Pictures and InfoCollapse )

So there you have them! Like I said, they've been here so long. Since they're both big dogs, not many people have the room for them, so they haven't been adopted. Please come by and see them! They'll steal your heart right away!

~Jonathan, Volunteer

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December 2, 2005 • 6:50 pm
subject: Kitten in Boca

My boss's cat had kittens for the third time. I picked one out and she brought the rest to publix. :( They all found homes except for one black and white girl. She's about 8 weeks old. She's a cutie pie. Very unique markings on her face and paws. She's very affectionate and playful. E-mail if you want to see pictures of her or see her in person. Thanks.

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